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Top Google Searches in 2015


It’s important for marketers to keep current on topics of interests and trends around the world. This research gives us a good idea of what people are thinking and what they like and need. What did the world search for in 2015? Well, besides our usual searches for love and the meaning of life and how to tie a tie, the citizens of the world used Google’s search engine to keep current on topics including sports, celebrities, world events, food, entertainment, and more.

Google processes two-out-of-three Internet queries each day. These queries give marketers a good snapshot of trends around the world: 1,000 Top 10 lists from 72 countries. The 2015 top spots in the U.S. included queries about Caitlynn Jenner, the Paris attacks, Lamar Odom, Jurassic World, Star Wars, water on Mars, Ronda Rousey, politics, companies such as Volkswagen, and Cecil the lion.

Take a look – which of these topics did you search for in 2015?

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Before showing the Google results, poll students as to what they think the top searches were in 2015. Why those topics?
  2. Next, show the Google site: https://www.google.com/trends/story/2015_GLOBAL
  3. Discuss the importance of market research. What are sources that can be used? Why is tracking trends important?
  4. Divide students into teams and have each team examine a different Top 10 List topic. What are the trends from that topic?
  5. How can these trends be used to develop new products?
  6. Debrief the exercise by listing the ideas from each team.

Source: Google

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Target’s Bullseye University for College Students


It can be difficult for companies to reach Millennial shoppers. The media and Internet-savvy generation can be skeptical of marketing claims, preferring to use their own eyes and contacts to decide on purchases. This generation is used to shopping, living, communicating, and doing virtually everything online. Companies that want to reach this target market cannot depend on drawing them to their stores, but instead need to go directly to where the market lives. So, Target decided to go to the college students on their own turf and set up a four-day shoppable event featuring five popular YouTube personalities living in “Bullseye University” dorm rooms. From July 15 – 18, the five ‘students’ lived in a fishbowl and acted out college life scenarios.

To run the event, Target constructed a college dorm in Los Angeles to show off its back-to-school products and get young shoppers interested in the store’s offerings. In the custom-designed dorm rooms, five social media celebrities –  Chester See, Meekakitty (aka Tess Violet), Magic of Rahat, Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters, and Brooke “Dodger” Leigh – became dorm-mates with a live video stream of their actions and interactions with the public. What was in their rooms? Target’s products, of course. By scrolling over the rooms, and clicking on the various rooms and items, viewers could interactively shop and purchase items directly from the site.

If it sounds a little like MTV’s Real World, it does have similarities as Target attempts to penetrate the digital universe of university students. Target wanted to move beyond commercials and ads and focus on the tactics that resonate the most with younger shoppers.

Is it worth it? Yes. The National Retail Federation estimated that back-to-college spending will yield $45.8 billion in sales, second only to the Christmas shopping season.  The average spending for dorm rooms will cost students an average of $104 on bedding, appliances, and supplies. Welcome back to school!

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

1. Start with a discussion about shopping for supplies as a university student.

2. Poll students: What did they buy for returning to college? How much did they spend? What influenced their purchases?

3. Next, show the Target site and videos: http://abullseyeview.com/target-video-bullseye-university-back-to-college/

4. Divide students into groups. Have each group discuss how similar promotions could be developed for other milestones and special shopping occasions. (Ex: Weddings, births, birthdays, holidays, etc.)

5. Have teams define the target market, product mix, and how to promote the shoppable events.

Source:  Minneapolis Business Journal

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