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BlackBerry Has a Brand New Phone


Apple isn’t the only company with a new phone. BlackBerry released its new Passport phone this month as well. Competing directly with Apple and Samsung, the new phone has a square screen and a physical keyboard that doubles as a touch-sensitive swipe pad. But while Apple and Samsung phones are geared towards the personal market and video content, the new Passport phone is focused on work productivity.

BlackBerry’s target users appear to be the “power professionals” – people who are well-educated, well-paid, and employed in industries such as health care and finance which require more secure communications. The new phone is also being offered at a price lower than iPhone 6; Passport retails for $599 without a mobile plan compared to $649 for iPhone 6.

The question is whether BlackBerry can gain market share against its entrenched rivals.

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss the importance of clearly defining a target market.
  2. Show BlackBerry’s Web site and products: http://us.blackberry.com/
  3. For BlackBerry’s Passport phone, what is the target market? How does this compare to the target market of Apple and Samsung?
  4. Divide students into teams and have each team develop a profile of a target market for Passport. Include demographics, psychographics, behaviors, values, attitudes, etc.
  5. What are the key differences in marketing to companies vs. individual consumers?
  6. Based on the target market profile, what makes this product unique for these customers?

Source: Bloomberg News, Wall Street Journal, other news sources

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Apple Watch Finally Arrives


The wait is finally over! Apple has finally announced its highly anticipated smartwatch, joining current smartwatch vendors such as Pebble, Samsung, and Sony. The new product, named Apple Watch, includes health and fitness monitoring tools, along with many standard iPhone apps such as calendar, navigation, texting, and music. And don’t forget Siri – also available on the watch and eager to help you find movies, food, and answer questions. The smartwatch is, in essence, a mini computer that is strapped on a wrist and links to the wearer’s iPhone.

Apple Watch will be available in early 2015 and requires that the wearer use one of the recent iPhone models. The product will have a strong focus on health, including tracking statistics for exercise, movement, and heart rate. The watch is also stylish with six different types of straps including stainless steel and leather.

Pricing for Apple Watch will start at $350 and vary depending on the model. Overall though, sales of smartwatches have been lower than originally expected; 19 million smartwatches, low compared to 1.2 billion smartphones sales. Will this product increase the desire for smartwatches?

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Show the video: http://youtu.be/ktujsc4ZUTo
  2. Bring up Apple’s Web site for additional product information: apple.com.
  3. Poll students about their attitudes about smartwatches. Why do they think sales are so low?
  4. Discuss the potential market for smartwatches and define several target markets.
  5. Divide students into teams. Have team select a target market for Apple Watch.
  6. Develop a campaign that will address consumers’ concerns about smartwatches.

Source: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, other news sources

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Top Ads in 2012 on YouTube


As consumers, we are exposed to literally hundreds of different messages and advertisements every single day. Many of these are forced upon us – we have no choice but to wade through the ad or video in order to get to our intended goal. But every now and then an advertisement grabs our attention to such an extent that we actually choose to watch it. We might even like it so much that watch it multiple times, or share it with friends, or post it on our own social media sites.

Google Insights has gathered the top 20 ads from 2012 that are the ones that fans themselves have chosen.  The 2012 YouTube Ads Leaderboard lists the U.S. ads that have the most views. The list of companies in the top include: Old Spice, Nike, Pepsi, Volkswagen, Samsung, Audi, Chrysler, and others.

View the ads – how many can you recall seeing, and perhaps forwarded to your friends and neighbors?

(PS – My personal count is 13 ads, each viewed multiple times or shown to friends!)

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Show the site and a few of the videos to the class: http://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/insights/featured/youtube-leaderboard-2012/
  2. Divide students into teams. Have each team select and analyze an advertisement on the list.
  3. What is the target market? What is the key message?
  4. How effective is the ad at getting the company’s brand and message across to viewers?
  5. Discuss the elements that have made the video appealing.

Source:  AdWeek.com, 1/4/2013, Google Insights


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