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Robotic Crime Fighting


Security and safety are concerns felt by most people of the world. A number of years ago there was a science fiction movie titled “RoboCop” with a robotic crime fighter as a central character. While it was far-fetched, it gave viewers ideas about the potential robotic crime fighting units of the future. Today, it’s becoming a reality with the latest entry of a Chinese robotic crime fighter called the AnBot.

The AnBot was developed by the National Defense University in China. Weighing 78-kg, the 1.5-m tall robot can move at speeds of up to 18-km/h. Designed to help enhance China’s anti-terrorism and anti-riot practices, the unit has sensors that mimic eyes, ears, and brains – communicating with control personnel who direct the robot and can also remotely activate an electrically charge riot tool. There is even an “SOS” mutton that can be used by the public to alert police.

The unit can patrol and avoid obstacles. But, what happens if it has to climb stairs?

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Show videos of the robotic cop: https://youtu.be/pFPwrC6Mba8 and


  1. Discuss innovation and its impact on security and safety. Poll students: What are examples of innovative products or services in this area?
  2. Compare this robot with robots developed by Boston Dynamics: http://www.bostondynamics.com/
  3. What are implications for security forces?
  4. Divide students into teams. Have each team discuss their reactions to these robots.

Source: Time, Newsweek, other news sources


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It’s Summer – Time for Sunscreen, Doll


While everyone is aware that too much exposure to the sun can be dangerous to skin and health, it isn’t always easy to get kids to use sunscreen. They have to stop playing, get all greasy, and generally put up a fuss. After all, the sunburn only happens later, after leaving the beach, so why worry about it now?

Nivea and agency FCB Brazil teamed to create an innovative campaign to teach kids about the importance of using sunscreen to protect against harmful UV rays at the beach. To do this, they created Nivea Dolls, using a UV-sensitive material that turns red unless a sunblock is used. The boy and girl dolls were given to families on the beach.

When the kids put sunscreen on the dolls, their skin stayed clear; no sunscreen turned the material into a red-faced, sunburned doll. Not only did the toy show kids immediately how sunscreen helps protect their skin, it also distracted kids so that parents could apply sunscreen on them. No red faces at this beach!

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Show the video: https://youtu.be/StvAe98BfwY
  2. Discuss other things that can adversely impact children’s health such as junk food, too much TV, etc.
  3. Divide students into teams. Have each team develop an innovative campaign to help educate children about health and safety.
  4. Debrief the exercise.

Source: Ad Age Daily, C/Net, other news sources

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PSA: “Don’t Jerk and Drive”


Why do so many public safety announcements have to be serious – and usually very tedious as well? Of course, PSAs should be educational and informative, but they don’t have to be boring. After all, if the campaign is compelling, and even a little humorous, the viewer is much more likely to recall the campaign and even practice the safety tips.

That was the thought process behind South Dakota’s recent winter driving PSA titled “Don’t Jerk and Drive.” The catchy phrase was presented using an animated video that teaches viewers to drive safely when hitting a patch of ice on the road. Instead of “jerking” the wheel, the video illustrates how drivers can safely steer cars back onto the road smoothly, thus avoiding accidents. Great concept – great instruction and it outperformed other PSA campaigns by 25 to 1.

Unfortunately, the state’s Department of Public Safety decided to pull the ad from television when there were too many comments about “jerking and driving.” Come on – take the joke – and keep up the good work instructing drivers on safely navigating icy roads this winter.

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss the role of PSAs in advertising. Why are these important?
  2. Poll students: What PSA campaigns can they recall? Why are those memorable?
  3. Show South Dakota’s Web site and video: http://drivesafesd.com/dontjerkthewheel/
  4. To illustrate other creative PSA campaigns, show Virgin Airline’s safety video: http://youtu.be/r6CJXdYPRLk
  5. Divide students into teams. Have each team select a topic for a PSA campaign and design a creative campaign that will get people’s attention and improve safety.

Source: Ad Week

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