Robotic Crime Fighting


Security and safety are concerns felt by most people of the world. A number of years ago there was a science fiction movie titled “RoboCop” with a robotic crime fighter as a central character. While it was far-fetched, it gave viewers ideas about the potential robotic crime fighting units of the future. Today, it’s becoming a reality with the latest entry of a Chinese robotic crime fighter called the AnBot.

The AnBot was developed by the National Defense University in China. Weighing 78-kg, the 1.5-m tall robot can move at speeds of up to 18-km/h. Designed to help enhance China’s anti-terrorism and anti-riot practices, the unit has sensors that mimic eyes, ears, and brains – communicating with control personnel who direct the robot and can also remotely activate an electrically charge riot tool. There is even an “SOS” mutton that can be used by the public to alert police.

The unit can patrol and avoid obstacles. But, what happens if it has to climb stairs?

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Show videos of the robotic cop: and

  1. Discuss innovation and its impact on security and safety. Poll students: What are examples of innovative products or services in this area?
  2. Compare this robot with robots developed by Boston Dynamics:
  3. What are implications for security forces?
  4. Divide students into teams. Have each team discuss their reactions to these robots.

Source: Time, Newsweek, other news sources


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