The Sound of a Brand


We all know that companies spend a great deal of money to build a brand and awareness. We can picture the brands – a graphic, a color, an icon. There are many visual components such as logo, color, type face, and graphics that go into the development of a brand visual. But why stop at a visual? Why not go beyond sight and into the realm of sound?

Brandsonics, a process from Cincinnati-based company Sound Images, works to build a sound and music that is identifiable to brands. The company’s process uses up to 42 different brand characteristics and distills these to five essential brand dimensions. These are then matched with an appropriate sound. The results might indicate the brand sound needs string instruments, or a specific beat, or a melody, or a voice.

Consider the various ways brands communicate with customers. Now, add a few beats and get ready to sing along.

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss the various components used to establish a brand and build awareness. What are the elements that are used to build a brand?
  2. Show the Bransonics video:
  3. As a class, discuss what elements might help a company determine a signature sound.
  4. Divide students into teams. Have each team select a brand and discuss the brand personality and characteristics to match the elements for a signature sound.
  5. Have the teams find a sample of music that could be used for the brand.

Source: Ad Age Daily

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