Nissan and NCAA: 100 Schools and 22 Sports


It’s no surprise to college students that they are a coveted group of consumers. College students are starting to come into their stride as independent shoppers and are exactly the type of customers that companies would like to gain and retain. But, a lot of companies are reaching out to this market. How can companies stand apart from the crowd?

The way Nissan is doing this by establishing undoubtedly the broadest sponsorship in NCAA college sports. Nissan recently announced an agreement with NCAA college sports covering 22 different men’s and women’s sports at 100 colleges and universities, plus select NCAA championships. The deal includes TV commercials, stadium signage, and new Wi-Fi networks at sports facilities.

Nissan also launched a mobile app that appeals to college sports fans. The Diehard Fan App helps users select from thousands of game faces to instantly “paint” on their game face over a favorite photo or video.

Put your game face on for your school this weekend!

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss college students as consumers. What products are they consumers of? What products are not of interest.
  2. Poll students about the impact that they think Nissan’s sponsorship will have on students.
  3. View the video:
  4. View Nissan’s Web site for the program:

  1. Divide students into teams. Have each team select a company, then develop a marketing campaign that gains awareness for the company on campus.

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