Super-sized Scoreboards from South Dakota


There is no doubt that the Super Bowl is a big stage for marketers. But, think also about other companies that gain from a Super Bowl presence. After all, professional sports teams and franchises are also big spenders, providing fans with the best experience possible and sparing little expense to lure people off their couches and into the stadiums and arenas.

Consider the humble score board whose job it is to track the plays, excite the fans, and provide the big screen game experience to thousands of fans. Ever wonder about where the score boards originate and how they are manufactured? It’s a fascinating story of engineering combined with marketing. View the video from CBS Sunday Morning and get an inside look at how Daktronics builds the video scoreboards to increase excitement of fans and consumers.

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss organizational buying. How is marketing different when selling to businesses rather than consumers?
  2. View the video:
  3. Bring up Daktronics’ Web site:
  4. Divide students into teams and have each team brainstorm new businesses that might benefit from visual signs (not just sports teams).
  5. Select one of the business and design a marketing campaign to sell video signage.

Source: CBS Sunday Mornings, Manufacturing Business Technology

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