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Different Perspectives: Dream Crazy, Crazier, and Be the Best You

Consumers have many opinions about product advertising and branding, and they are not afraid to voice them. Opinions can depend on the times, trends, and moods of the population. In the U.S. today, the topics of social justice, harassment, and equality are very much top of mind for many consumers. Consequently, they may respond to advertisements in a different way today than they might have responded a few years ago.

One very timely topic that is addressed by Gillette is the harassment that started the #MeToo movement. A new ad from the company focuses on bullying and ‘toxic masculinity’ and asks consumers “Is this the best a man can get?” The ad was designed to inspire positive behavior, but has faced a backlash of negative reactions. Why?

Another company that is no stranger to controversy is Nike. A few months ago it released an advertisement narrated by Colin Kaepernick titled “Dream Crazy.” That advertisement focused on the power of social justice and dreams that drive people to achieve more. However it also generated a score of negative publicity initially for Nike. Why?

Finally, a new advertisement from Nike features Serena Williams narrating a “Dream Crazier” video focused on the achievements of women in sports, and reminding viewers that women are not crazy just because they want to achieve more than stereotypes have limited them to. This one is generating positive publicity. Why?

How can companies and brands tie into broader social messages? Should they?

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss the perspectives and attitudes of consumers. What are conditions or topics that impact perspectives and purchases? What are current events that influence behavior?
  2. Show the recent advertisements from Gillette: https://gillette.com/en-us/the-best-men-can-be
  3. Discuss the message of the ad. Should consumers view it negatively or positively?
  4. Next, show Nike’s ad titled “Dream Crazy” narrated by Colin Kaepernick: https://news.nike.com/featured_video/just-do-it-dream-crazy-film
  5. Discuss the message of the ad. Should consumers view it negatively or positively?
  6. Finally, show Nike’s newest advertisement narrated by Serena Williams about females in sports (“Dream Crazier”) from Nike: https://news.nike.com/featured_video/dream-crazier
  7. Discuss the message of the ad. Should consumers view it negatively or positively?
  8. Why do these ads generate such passionate responses?

Source: Ad Week, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, other news sources


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It’s Summertime! Where are the Kids?


It is finally summer and everyone is happy to be outside enjoying the sunshine. However, along with the freedom of warm weather comes concerns of parents about their children’s whereabouts. This is especially important when the kids are at the beach and can easily wander too far from their home base.

Nivea addressed this problem, developing an innovative way to track children at the beach. Nivea’s sun screen product was marketed in Brazil using a clever advertisement that contained a tear-out bracelet with an embedded tracking device. The bracelet was constructed from a humidity-resistant paper that could be placed on a child’s wrist and used more than once. Parents could then down-load a special app, link it to the bracelet, and set boundaries and alerts to track the child’s movement. If the child gets too far away, the bracelet triggers an alert to the parents’ smart phone, which could then locate the child.

While this ad was specifically targeted for young mothers living near Rio de Janeiro’s beaches, it would be a great app for other markets as well.

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. View the video: http://youtu.be/nZ532wkhHYs
  2. Divide students into groups.
  3. In groups, have students determine other products that could use this technology in its advertisements.
  4. In groups, have students brainstorm other applications for this technology.
  5. Finally, have each group develop an ad based on their decisions.

Source: Ad Age Daily


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Coffee Goes to College



College students and alumni are notoriously loyal to their alma mater schools. In any college town there are labels, logos, mascots, decals, flags, and clothing that all promotes the hometown favorite. And for far-flung alumni, newsletters and emails help keep attention focused on the college and promote logo-bearing products. And there is no better way for a sleep-deprived college student (and alumni) to show their school pride than with a coffee machine labeled with their alma mater’s logo.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is now selling a version of its Keurig K-Cup Mini Plus brewers decorated with the logos of 10 different Division 1 colleges. The new coffee brewers are also available in multiple colors for those whose college decals are not yet available. And, if a customer already has a brewer and wants just a logo, they can be purchased separately.

It’s a great way to promote school pride along with solidifying the coffee-drinking habits of students and alumni alike.

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss the importance of clearly defining a target market.
  2. View the Web site and video: http://www.keurig.com/college#.UsyDGtGA2M8
  3. For this product, what is the target market?
  4. Divide students into teams and have each team develop a profile for the target market. Include demographics, psychographics, behaviors, values, and attitudes.
  5. Based on the profile, what makes this product unique for these customers.
  6. Debrief the exercise and discuss how the elements could apply to additional target markets.

Source:  Branchannel.com, 12/13

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