It’s Summertime! Where are the Kids?


It is finally summer and everyone is happy to be outside enjoying the sunshine. However, along with the freedom of warm weather comes concerns of parents about their children’s whereabouts. This is especially important when the kids are at the beach and can easily wander too far from their home base.

Nivea addressed this problem, developing an innovative way to track children at the beach. Nivea’s sun screen product was marketed in Brazil using a clever advertisement that contained a tear-out bracelet with an embedded tracking device. The bracelet was constructed from a humidity-resistant paper that could be placed on a child’s wrist and used more than once. Parents could then down-load a special app, link it to the bracelet, and set boundaries and alerts to track the child’s movement. If the child gets too far away, the bracelet triggers an alert to the parents’ smart phone, which could then locate the child.

While this ad was specifically targeted for young mothers living near Rio de Janeiro’s beaches, it would be a great app for other markets as well.

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. View the video:
  2. Divide students into groups.
  3. In groups, have students determine other products that could use this technology in its advertisements.
  4. In groups, have students brainstorm other applications for this technology.
  5. Finally, have each group develop an ad based on their decisions.

Source: Ad Age Daily


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