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The Aging Experience


It’s a common phrase to hear that in order “to understand another person’s perspective, we must walk a mile in their shoes.” Easier said than done, though, particularly with respect to understanding how an older person navigates society. How exactly is one supposed to actually walk in an older person’s shoes and really understand what aging means to the average consumer? While some “aging suits” that restrict movements have existed for a while, a new educational campaign by Genworth Financial has been developed using innovative technology to really educate us about the effects of aging.

The program uses a specially designed suit to allow participants to experience first-hand how it feels to age. While wearing the suit, participants can feel what it is like to have arthritis, vision impairment, hearing loss, muscle loss, and more. The suit has a motorized frame that restricts movement as well as a special headset that induces mental and physical restrictions such as hearing loss, tunnel vision, and more. Put it on and try to move, shop, prepare a meal, communicate, and exercise. Not so easy when one is 70+ years old.

The goal: Build empathy and awareness. By walking in someone else’s shoes, we can indeed better understand their world.

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Poll students. What do they really understand about aging and what it means to business and marketing?
  2. Show the video:


  1. Show Genworth’s Web site for more information about the project: https://www.genworth.com/lets-talk/r70i-aging-experience.html
  2. Poll students: What are the common effects of aging?
  3. Divide students into teams. Have each team address how marketing could resolve one of the identified aging problems.

Source: Brandchannel.com

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Facebook Top Events of 2015


One of the best things about the end of the year is the opportunity it gives us to reflect on the past, while we prepare for the year ahead. In the spirit of reflection, Facebook has released its summary of the world’s top moments and events that generated the most buzz in 2015.

Among the events was the most shared event in Facebook’s history included the U.S. Presidential election, Nov. 13 attacks in Paris, Syrian civil war and refugee crisis, Nepal earthquakes, Greek debt crisis, marriage equality, and more.

Which events did you follow?

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss the importance of market research. What are sources that can be used? Why is tracking trends important?
  2. Bring up the site and show the video: http://yearinreview.fb.com/
  3. Divide students into teams and have each team examine a different Facebook topic.
  4. What are the trends from that topic?
  5. How can these trends be used to develop new products?
  6. Debrief the exercise by listing the ideas from each team.

Source: Facebook

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2015 YouTube Videos Rewind


No year-end review of social trends in 2015 would be complete without watching the top trending videos of 2015 on YouTube. Adding to the reflective spirit, YouTube’s year-end review includes the top trending views globally, top trending music videos, and the most popular videos across categories such as comedy, gaming, science, technology, beauty, fashion, sports, and more.

View these videos and consider the social trends that they started and the implications for marketing. Are these a preview of future trends, or have they already become passé? What will 2016 hold?

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss YouTube’s appeal to viewers. Poll students: What do they watch, and why?
  2. Show Web site: https://www.youtube.com/user/theyearinreview
  3. Assign student teams to one of the categories of videos. Give each team 5 – 10 minutes to pick out what they consider to be the video that most influenced consumer trends in 2014.
  4. Next, have each team brainstorm on how to expand from the lifecycle of the trend.
  5. Debrief assignment by showing the top video from each category.

Source: YouTube



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