Wearable Tech for Summer Fitness


Summer has arrived (almost) and it brings a plethora of new technology-based fitness devices. Whether an athlete is a runner, golfer, basketball player, or just plain health-conscious, there are new devices that fit into all athletic sports and lifestyles.

Here are few of the new devices:

  • Wilson X Connected basketball has small sensors embedded inside to record made and missed shots. The ball meets regulation size and weights. Data helps analyze efficiency from all over the court. Price: $199.
  • UA HealthBox from Under Armour includes a wristband, scale, and heart-rate monitor with an app to collect the data including calories, distance, weight, body fat, and heart-rate. Price: $400.
  • Sensoria Fitness Smart Socks transmit data to a mobile app via anklets connected to the socks. The socks have textile sensors woven into the fabric that provide real-time feedback on foot landing, pace, cadence, and speed. Price: $159
  • Are you ready to ramp up your fitness?
  • Group Activities and Discussion Questions:
  1. Discuss the growth of wearable technology in the market. Who is the target market for devices?
  2. Poll students: What wearable devices do they have, or want?
  3. Divide students into teams. Have each team examine one of the following devices. For each device have students analyze the 4 Ps.
  4. UA HealthBox: https://www.underarmour.com/en-us/healthbox
  5. Wilson X Basketball: http://www.wilson.com/en-us/explore/basketball/wx.html
  6. Jaybird X2 headphones: http://www.jaybirdsport.com/x2-bluetooth-headphones/
  7. Fitbit Blaze: https://www.fitbit.com/blaze
  8. Smart Socks: http://www.sensoriafitness.com/
  9. Ampy Move: http://www.getampy.com/ampy-move

Source: New York Times





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