Play with Your Pet While Away from Home


Busy people at offices who miss their pets now have a new way of staying connected with their furry friends during the work day. One company, Petcube, sells a smart camera that helps people watch and play with their pets real-time and remotely. It’s kind of like Skype, but the pet doesn’t actually have to answer a phone.

Petcube Camera is a four-inch stylish cube that has a microphone, camera, laser, and speaker. The $199 device plugs into a common wall outlet and connects to a home’s Wi-Fi. The Petcube app controls the camera’s laser pointer so people can interact with pets remotely.

Petcube is not the only product in this space. There are many new high technology devices that let pet owners remotely take care of tasks including booking dog walkers, GPS collars to track pets from a smartphone, and even pet cameras such as Petzi Treat Cam that dispenses pet treats when the owners are not at home.

Companies such as these help to illustrate how technology can be used for our four-legged friends to help relieve stress and inactivity.

Ready to chase the laser-pointer now?

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss the growing market for pets and pet products.
  2. List products that people commonly buy their pets.
  3. Poll students: Would they interact with their pets during the day remotely if it were possible?
  4. Show products from Petcube and Petzi Treat:

Pet Cube:

Petzi treat cam:

  1. Have students research the size of the pet care industry. Also, have them research new pet products on the market.
  2. Divide students into team and have them brainstorm problems that pet owners face. What products could be developed to solve some of these problems?

Source: Mercury News


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