Warm Search Engine in Iceland


Forget about talking to Siri and all the computer-generated voices and search engines that surround us. Those are impersonal, cold, and devoid of personality. None of these things can be said of Iceland’s new search engine – mostly because it is a real life human who is helping out and answering queries.

The campaign was developed for Iceland’s tourism campaign, and the seven people who are the search engine are all named “Guomundur,” one of Icelanders’ favorite names. All of the Guomundurs offer advice, knowledge, local secrets, and tales of Iceland. The campaign makes heavy use of social media and gives a realistic voice to nation, hopefully encouraging tourism to the land.

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss the use of social media in marketing campaigns.
  2. Poll students: What companies and products do they follow on social media? What is intriguing about these companies.
  3. Show the video:


  1. Bring up the Web site: http://inspired.visiticeland.com/
  2. Have students select a country visit a tourist Web site for the country, and develop ways for the country to better use social media tactics.

Source: Brandchannel.com

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