McDonald’s Turns Bags into Trays


Do you ever feel guilty crumpling up a takeout bag after a trip to a fast-food restaurant? McDonald’s has a solution with a cleverly-designed takeout bag now being used in Hungary.

Aptly named the “BagTray,” the eco-friendly, recyclable paper bag utilizes a perforated strip near the bottom of the bag. A single rip separate the bag into two pieces, turning the reinforced cardboard bottom into a handy tray. The new BagTray acts as a plate, making it easier to eat messy foods on-the-go. And, helping to keep the grease off our desks.

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss packaging concepts – utility, form, function, design, material, color, etc. What makes effective packaging?
  2. Poll students about packaging that could be improved.
  3. Show the video:
  4. Now, have students brainstorm ways to redesign the packaging they identified earlier.

Source: Gizmodo, Time, Business Insider


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