Drones Deliver Happiness


Quick – what is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear about drones? Odds are that it is probably a negative association. However, the use of drones has been expanding in business, leading to innovative uses of the technology in distribution. This begs the question – can drones be used to build community and connection?

Taking on this challenge, Coca-Cola recently developed a campaign using drones to deliver cans of Coke to migrant workers building high-rise towers in Singapore. Called “Happiness from the skies,” the campaign was built around the idea of linking Singapore’s citizens with the migrant workers who travel far from home to build apartments, offices, and schools. The drones delivered cans of Coke and messages from Singapore citizens, thanking the tradesmen for their work in the city.

Ordinary Singapore citizens wrote supportive messages to workers, then took photos holding their notes. The photos were tied to the soda cans and delivered by drones to more than 2,500 workers. That’s a good use of technology!

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Show the video: http://bcove.me/4295s72y
  2. What are other possible applications of drone technology to build positive associations?
  3. Discuss the various promotional tactics that can be used for promoting a product.
  4. Have students come up with tactics and list all the tactics on the white board (ex: billboards, print, direct mail, etc.).
  5. Divide students into groups to work on this exercise.
  6. For Coca-Cola, have each team select three different tactics. For each tactic, explain why it was selected and how it will be used.
  7. Debrief by putting together the entire suggested lists on the white board. As a final step, have the entire class vote on the top three tactics to use.

Source: Ad Age Daily

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