The Latest for Bus Stops – Augmented Reality Advertising


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In this clever advertising at a London bus shelter, Pepsi Max once again lives up to its latest tag line, “Unbelievable,” giving commuters and unbelievable start to their day. People waiting for the local bus were surprised by alien invasions, giant robots, charging tigers, and sneaky octopus tentacles!

The promotion incorporated sophisticated, augmented reality filming and technology to create unbelievable situations on the local street, amazing and mystifying the people waiting for their daily bus. View this ad and additional eye-catching “unbelievable” ads developed to promote Pepsi Max.

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:
1. Discuss the importance of developing a clear, compelling message for advertising campaigns.
2. Show the Pepsi Max “unbelievable bus shelter” ad:

3. Additional “unbelievable” videos are also available on YouTube.
4. Divide students into teams. Have each team develop a key message for Pepsi Max competitor.
5. How could the competitor also use new technology to promote the product?
6. When debriefing the exercise, make sure to emphasize to students the difference between what a company wants to tell the market, and what a customer wants to hear about the product.

Source: YouTube

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