Airplane Safety Rocks It!


Finally, an airline safety video that we actually want to watch! Say goodbye to boring old safety lectures and watch the energetic and fun video from Virgin America Airlines to learn the rules about carry-on baggage, electronic devices, and seat belts.

The five-minute video uses multiple dance styles and music genres to get the point across about safety in the air. To expand the campaign into the realm of social media, Virgin America is also inviting people to submit videos of themselves dancing to the song to win a guest spot in the video.

Why can’t more announcements be this entertaining?

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Ask students what are other boring safety or routine announcements/signs that surround consumers. (e.g., traffic signs, parking, hygiene, boat safety, etc.)
  2. Why are these announcements boring? What is the importance of the announcements?
  3. From the list, divide students into teams and have each team select a message to reinvigorate.
  4. Who is the target market for the message?
  5. What are the key components of the message?

Source:  Fast Company, 11/13

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