Building Creative Confidence


Ask people how creative they think they are – their answers might surprise you. We celebrate creativity and innovation throughout society. We look on in awe as artists create, as musicians perform, as actors take us to hidden places. We rejoice in their accomplishments and wish we could do the same.

Many people have stories about how their creative sides were dismissed at some point in their lives. Maybe we tried to draw an animal, but no one knew what it was. Or perhaps we were singing a song, and then told we couldn’t carry a tune. Whatever it was that happened to stifle our creative sides, it was a shame. Having the confidence to create is important in marketing and business. It doesn’t matter if the result is perfect – what matters if having the courage to try new ideas and explore our creative side.

In a TED Talks video from David Kelley of design firm IDEO, we hear how we can re-develop our creative sides. Using an example of an engineer who created a new world surrounding MRI experiences for children, he illustrates how creativity is part of all us. It’s not magic, it’s a journey. Try it and see what happens.

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Begin with a group discussion on the value of creativity in marketing: Is it necessary? Why? What else is needed beyond creativity? Are only artists creative? What about business people and marketers?
  2. Ask students to rate themselves on a scale of 1 to 10 on how creative they think they are. Then from the lower scores, ask students why they think they are not creative, and do the same for the upper scores.
  3. Show the TED video featuring David Kelley from IDEO:

4. Divide students into groups. Have each group take an ordinary product (something that could be found in their backpacks) and create something extraordinary.



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