Burton and Mountain Dew Join Forces for Sustainable Outerwear



Quick – what can you make out of old Mountain Dew bottles? Stumped? Sustainable and environmental-friendly products have a brand new look this winter thanks to Burton Snowboards and Mountain Dew. The two companies are joining forces to launch the Green Mountain Project, a new clothing collection using sustainable fabric manufactured from recycled plastic bottles.

The new generation fabric is manufactured by transforming recycled bottles into pellets that are spun into yarn and woven throughout the fabric used to create the Green Mountain Project’s outerwear collection. The outwear clothing collection will include eco-friendly jackets and pants made from blended materials which have a lower environmental impact. Apparel will be available for both women and men.

Burton claims the recycled fabric will perform well on snow; it meets the company’s high-quality standards for outerwear and helps reduce its environmental impact. The partnership helps both companies with efforts in sustainability and recycling. So when you see a snowboarder shredding the slopes this winter, check out the good looking, sustainable gear he or she is wearing.

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

1. Discuss the implication of environmentally-friendly products for marketing.
2. Show the videos:
3. How can companies team up in the manner of Burton and Mountain Dew? What other initiatives might the two companies collaborate on?
4. How will this initiative appeal to the target market of Burton and Mountain Dew? What messages should be emphasized?
5. Have students look up information about the project on the companies’ Web sites:

Source:  Brandchannel.com, 11/19/12

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