IKEA’s new TV – streamlining homes and entertainment


The latest design from global furniture company IKEA is a new product that includes TV, sound, and furniture – all in a single unit. This is IKEA’s first foray into the home electronics market, and they have done it with their typical Swedish style. The new unit integrates RCA’s HDTV into a fully customizable piece of furniture that can be tailored and expanded to fit multiple décor and sizes. The unit is classic IKEA; designed to fit into small spaces and hide the ugly cables so prominent in today’s home entertainment systems. The company commissioned a five-country market research product to help it develop the product.

The TV unit – named Uppleva – comes with a five-year warranty and integrates Blu-ray technology, video, Web inputs, wireless speakers, music, and a single remote into a comprehensive entertainment system. The unit will be available first in European markets this summer, followed by a broader launch later in the year. The base price of the unit is expected to be $955 (U.S.). The unit carries IKEA’s clean design and easy assembly features, maintaining the company’s brand value of delivering quality furniture at affordable prices.

Group Activities and Discussion Questions: 

  1. Ask students to describe their current TV and entertainment system: type, remotes, furniture, cables, and different devices for TV, radio, music, movies.
  2. What are the problems with their current systems? What could be better?
  3. Show the IKEA Uppleva video: http://youtu.be/0Nm7-EuctOs
  4. How does this TV change IKEA’s business model?
  5. How does this complete with other HDTV products?
  6. What is the target market for this product?
  7. Is this market the same in the U.S. as well as Europe?
  8. Have students view the IKEA’s Web site: www.ikea.com.
  9. How does this product reflect IKEA’s brand? Is the company brand consistent throughout the 400 countries in which it operates?
  10. And because everyone likes to make fun of (not so easy) assembly systems, end class with this video from  Conan O’Brien’s  show: http://youtu.be/89taazMC6FE

Source: Brandchannel.com, 4/23/12


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