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Red Bull: Let’s Jump INTO a Moving Plane!

Everyone knows someone who has jumped (with a parachute, or perhaps a wingsuit) out of a flying plane. No big deal. Happens all the time. But have you ever considered someone parachuting INTO a flying plane? Probably not. It would be totally insane. Who would even think of such an insane stunt? Who would sponsor it?

To answer those questions, enter Red Bull energy drink teamed with Soul Flyers from France. The two Soul Flyer aerialists BASE jumped from the top of a 13,000-foot mountain in the Swiss Alps and guided their flying wingsuits into the cabin of a flying plane. Flying at about 80 miles per hour, the flyers maneuvered themselves successfully into a five-foot by four-foot cargo hold door! (However, it did take a number of attempts to complete the stunt.)

The video and stunt are so crazy that they beg to be shared – and considered for their value to marketing. Red Bull is hardly a new product. It is not the only energy drink in a crowded marketplace and it is in the mature stage of the product life cycle. So, how does Red Bull keep the attention of the consumer and promote its brand message? Stunts. Red Bull seems to specialize in crazy, high-energy, athletic stunts that capture the consumers’ attention.

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss the stages in the product life cycle. What are the marketing objectives in each stage?
  2. Divide students into teams. Have each team draw a product life cycle and place various products and services into each stage.
  3. Where are energy drinks in the product life cycle? Why?
  4. Discuss some of the stunts done by Red Bull to gain the consumer’s attention.
  5. Show the video: https://youtu.be/YL9sNrOlK-I
  6. The story of the jump can be found at: https://www.redbull.com/us-en/base-jumpers-fly-into-a-plane-in-the-sky
  7. Next, have students brainstorm on how to reposition or revise products/services so that they can either move into an earlier stage of the life cycle or prolong the stage they are currently in.

Source:  Red Bull

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Pizza Baby Registry

After the wedding, come the babies, right? Perhaps not always that way, but this is certainly the case for Domino’s Pizza. Nine months ago (!) the company started a wedding registry for guests who want to give the happy couple pizza parties and party food. Now that the wedding festivities are over, Domino’s still wants to remain involved in the new couple’s life by offering an online baby registry through Gugu Guru.

The new parents-in-waiting can create their own baby gift registry for Domino’s pizza, foods, and gifts, including:

  • Hormonal and Hangry pizza
  • The Gender Reveal pizza
  • Pregnancy food pack
  • ‘Dadchelor’ Party food
  • Baby goods such as onesies, mugs, tumblers, shirts (Pizza for Two), and more…

And for a limited time, Domino’s also has a big contest give-away for new parents to win pizza for a year, plus a line of baby and parent gifts.

What were you expecting?

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss pizza delivery in general.
  2. In which stage of the product life cycle is pizza delivery?
  3. Show the Domino’s baby registry: http://www.dominosbabyregistry.com/
  4. A brief video can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/N6eeNUQvPqc
  5. Next, divide students into teams.
  6. Have each team select a product or service that is in the mature stage of the product life cycle. What can be done to extend the life cycle and increase sales?

Source:  Domino’s Pizza (2017, Nov. 29)

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The Spotted Cheetah Restaurant

Cheetos have long been a favorite snack in America, but it has a fairly limited menu application. Or does it…?

In a new promotional campaign, Cheetos is launching a pop-up restaurant in New York City for three-days in August, with all meals developed by celebrity chef Anne Burrell of the Food Network. The restaurant, named The Spotted Cheetah, offers the “ultimate Cheetos dining experience” and features 11 signature Cheetos-inspired dishes in a three-course menu. The food ranges in price from $8 to $22.

Some of the highlights of the menu include:

  • Cheetos Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
  • Cheetos Meatballs
  • Spicy Cheese Nachos
  • Flamin’ Hot and White Cheddar Mac n’ Cheetos
  • Cheetos Mix-ups Crusted Chicken Milanese
  • Cheetos Sweetos Sweet and Salty Cookies
  • Cheetos Sweetos Crusted Cheesecake

Unfortunately, if you want to dine there, the three-day event is already sold-out on Open Table, and has a wait list of more than 1,000 diners! But don’t worry – all of the recipes will be available for free in a digital cookbook on the Cheetos Web site.

Are you hungry now?

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Poll students: Who eats Cheetos?
  2. View video: https://youtu.be/yd94mGphQCs
  3. Show Cheetos Web site: http://www.thespottedcheetah.com/
  4. How does the restaurant fit into a promotion plan?
  5. Does this new restaurant, and cookbook, change the positioning of Cheetos in the product life cycle?

Source:  Brandchannel.com, New York Eat, Wall Street Journal, other news sources

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