World’s First Pizza Delivery by Drone


The journey of a new service from the concept stage to commercialization can be a long road, and one that is usually littered with potholes and obstacles. Such has been the path for commercialization of drones to be used for deliveries. Although there have been a number of drone versions and tests by different companies, none have yet been able to take the final step as countries develop regulations for safe commercial drone flights.

However, Domino’s Pizza in New Zealand can now boast that it has now completed the world’s first pizza delivery by drone! New Zealand Domino’s partnered with Flirtey, an independent drone delivery service company. Flirtey has partnered with companies and agencies in various countries to promote the use of drones for deliveries of items such as food, medicine, first aid, and more.

The companies worked together for several months to develop a process for getting hot pizza delivered to a customer’s door. Using autonomous GPS drones, the target time to get pizzas to the door is 10 minutes, bypassing traffic, road construction and more.

How many pizzas would you like delivered?

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss drone commercialization with the class.
  2. Show the Domino’s delivery video:

  1. View the Domino’s press release with additional information about the project:

  1. Also view Flirtey’s Web site to review its business model:

  1. Discuss the components of an environmental scan: social trends, economics, technology, competition, and laws.
  2. Divide students into teams. Have each team complete an environmental scan for using drones in business.


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