Subscription Services Deliver Surprise


Everyone loves getting a surprise package filled with goodies. Particularly if the surprise is designed specifically for our unique likes and hobbies. The latest trend is the subscription box, filled with goodies built around a theme and stuffed with a mix of surprises curated by the company’s experts.

Are you in need of beauty supplies? Try Birch Box. Are you longing for unique Japanese snack foods? Go to Japan Crate. And there are several pet supply companies out there from Bark Box for dogs to Bunny Box for pet rabbits. And, just in case you are worried about the future, check out BattlBox for its survival and tactical gear.

Companies love the recurring revenue stream at $10 – $40 per month. And customers love the surprises in the mail each month.

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Poll students: Anyone have a monthly subscription for a package?
  2. Show examples of subscription services:


Bunny Box:

Japan Crate:

Blue Apron:

Nature Box:

Bark Box:

Owl Crate:

Birch Box:

Loot Crate:

Dollar Shave Club:

  1. Divide students into teams. Assign each team a different company and have them analyze product, pricing, promotion, and target market.
  2. An alternative is for each team to select an unusual area of interest and design a subscription service company.

Source: New York Times

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