Guys, Let’s Talk about Body Grooming…


How does a company get guys to talk about personal grooming – body shaving? It’s doubtful that most guys discuss their grooming practices and questions with other guys. So, who do they talk and listen to?

With a new razor designed specifically for the body instead of the face, Gillette hopes that it is the one guys turn to for information about body grooming. Gillette used videos on YouTube to reach its 18 – 35 year old male audience, across all devices. The campaign has a low cost per view with high engagement rates. The company estimates the campaign delivered more than 500,000 clicks-to-buy the new product. The product was number one on Amazon in its category for three months following the launch, and retains a number two ranking on Amazon today.

Guys might not always ask a friend for advice, but they certainly are listening to videos posted online. Can this be done for other personal care products?

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss with students how they find out about personal products such as body grooming. What sources would they ask and trust for advice?
  2. Show the video case:
  3. Divide students into teams and have them discuss the effectiveness of the campaign. For the males in the class, would they pay attention to the videos?
  4. What additional tactics could be used?
  5. Have teams select a product that could use a similar approach. Develop the integrated campaign for this product including YouTube videos.

Source: YouTube, Gillette

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