Fresh Sheets (without washing!)


No one likes changing bed sheets, but it’s a necessary activity for cleanliness and good health. However, the group that probably changes their sheets the least is college students. And, since college students have limited space available, their beds winds up doing duty as desk, table, and lounge chair – in other words, getting a lot of use and dirt. Thus, forcing college students to (reluctantly) change their sheets. Until now.

Enter a new product called “AfreSHeet,” the world’s only fitted sheet with seven peel-away, disposable layers. The layers are made from a soft polyester blend with a waterproof coating. A simple design allows the top layer to easily peel off and reveal the new layer below.

The sheets aren’t only comfortable and convenient, they are also environmentally friendly; each time sheets are washed it takes gallons of water and exposes the environment to harsh laundry chemicals. (Plus, plenty of quarters are needed for the laundry machines.) The product is priced at $29.95 for the seven-layer bottom sheet. With AfreSHeet, customers instantly have new, soft, clean and comfortable waterproof sheets to sleep on.

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Poll students: How often do students change and wash sheets? Would they be interested in an alternative?
  2. Show the company Web site: (includes a video)
  3. Discuss the various promotional tactics that can be used for launching a product.
  4. Have students come up with tactics and list all the tactics on the white board (ex: billboards, print, direct mail, etc.).
  5. Divide students into groups and have each select three different tactics. For each tactic, explain why it was selected and how it will be used.
  6. Debrief by putting together the entire suggested lists on the white board. As a final step, have the entire class vote on the top three tactics to use.

Source: New York Times

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