Buzz Marketing Campaigns

Ever wondered how some companies get so much publicity and word-of-mouth buzz about their products? It isn’t random, but is instead the work of dedicated public relations and marketing agencies on behalf of client companies. One such international company specializing in buzz marketing is BzzAgent.


According to the company, it has been connecting people and brands since 2001, putting products into the hand of hundreds of thousands of actual consumers, then helping them share their opinions about the products.

The process starts when consumers apply to join BzzAgent by filling out surveys about their lifestyle, demographics, and things they like. Then, the consumers are invited to try products and share their opinions through sites including Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and more. The company emphasizes that opinions be honest –  no matter whether negative or positive – and insists that consumers follow a code of conduct and disclose when they are BzzAgents.

The result for consumers is they get to try products for free, which in turn leads to more opportunities for trying products. And for companies – well, a real consumer’s opinion about a product can go a long way toward credibility and increased sales.

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss the basics of buzz marketing and the impact of word-of-mouth marketing campaigns.
  2. What are advantages and benefits? What are the risks?
  3. Bring up the Web site and review how it works.
  4. Check the code of conduct, rules, FAQ, and examine some of the various campaigns.
  5. Divide students into teams. Have each team examine a different product on the site. What are objectives, tactics, etc.?
  6. In teams, have students select a product and design a buzz marketing campaign for the product.



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