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If you have ever had a vision of the future, complete with mobile technology and augmented reality, then Google’s Project Glass might be for you. As you read this post, Google is reviewing entries into a contest to select the lucky winners – who will spend $1,500 – to purchase Google Glasses. Google is asking its fans to help them discover the full potential of Google Glasses through social media and contest entries.


What are Google Glasses? In simple terms, the product uses an eye-glass type of frame to bring an augmented reality display to the viewer. Google Glass uses a smartphone type of format to display information, in a hands-free format, and enable the wearer to interact with the Internet via voice commands. A camera is embedded in the glasses, allowing the wearer to take pictures and videos.


Try using the Glasses to walk around town, order food, learn about the weather, communicate with your friends, and more. Wearable technology is here!




Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

1. Start at Google’s overview of the project: Next, visit for a more in-depth look at the technology and features.
3. View the video of Glass in action: Divide students into teams. Have each team determine at least three target markets for the Glasses.
5. For each market, identify key messages, features, benefits, and marketing tactics.

Source:  Various news sources, New York Times, CNN, Associated Press, 2/21/13

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