Making Music with Muscles!

Old Spice is still setting records with creative, interactive campaigns. Think back to the “Man your man could smell like” campaign that starred Isaiah Mustafa. The “Responses” campaign played off actual consumer questions and comments to Mr. Mustafa and generated record levels for viral videos and comments. The question was how would the company follow-up on the innovative campaign using new spokesman, football player Terry Crews.

The wait is over. Using embedded interactive features on Vimeo, the new campaign videos gives viewers the ability to control Mr. Crews’ muscles, record, and share their routines. View the pre-recorded version, and then use the cheat sheet to create a musical masterpiece.

This one has to be seen and tried in class. Once again, the Old Spice guys prove how amazing they are!

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Have students bring up the Old Spice video on their laptops:
  2. The “cheat sheet” for making music can be found at:
  3. Teams: Divide students into teams and challenge each team to create a routine to have Terry Crews play a catchy tune.
  4. Have each team then “perform” their routine, and have the class vote on the top routine.
  5. Discussion: What is the Old Spice brand? How does this campaign reinforce the brand message? Can the campaign translate into increased sales for the company?
  6. Teams: Select a product and design a similar interactive campaign that could be deployed using Vimeo.

Source:  Ad Age Daily, Creativity Online

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