Buy More Than a Soda at the Vending Machine


Question: When is a vending machine not a vending machine? Answer: When it does more than dispense a soft drink!

Enter PepsiCo’s new interactive vending machine that allows customers to buy not just a soda, but also play games, send virtual gifts, and even charge their mobile phones. Customers can also send a bottled beverage as a gift to a friend by entering the recipient’s name and email, along with a personalized message.

The vending machine begins a new era of ‘social vending’ that is designed to engage consumers, and of course, keep them loyal to the beverage company. The new touchscreen machines display nutritional information, play current advertising campaigns, and have consumers compete in an on-screen games to win free sodas. And, just in as a cold soda provides the customer with much-needed energy, the machine also has AC power outlets and USB ports to help charge up the customer’s mobile phones with energy.

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Show the video about the new vending machines:
  2. Discussion: Will the new machines impact consumer behavior in terms of customer loyalty and increased sales?
  3. Are there other services that vending machines could provide to customers?
  4. What are the marketing implications of the new vending machines?

Source:, 10/9/12

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