Lin and Volvo match up for China

Jeremy Lin is one of the hottest athletes for endorsements, and his appeal goes far beyond the New York Knicks market. Lin is a hot star in the Chinese market – and that is a good reason for Volvo, a Chinese-owned company, to sign up the 23-year old basketball phenomenon to promote its cars in China, other Chinese-language markets in Asia, as well as the U.S.

Why link Lin and Volvo together? According to comments made in the press conference by Lin, “both of us are striving to be better and smarter at what we do, and to do it in our own way.”

Lin also represents a strong component for Volvo’s increasing use of social media. The company has used the athlete’s name in Facebook and Twitter entries, generating strong consumer response for the partnership. A television ad should be available soon.


Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Why is Jeremy Lin such a hot commodity for endorsements right now?
    1. What is his appeal for companies? For consumers? For a global marketplace?
    2. What are other products he has endorsed?
    3. Show the video clip of the Volvo/Lin press conference.
      1.  (also available on company’s Web site)
      2. Have students view the Volvo Web site:
        1. How is the company using Lin to promote its products?
        2. What are other opportunities for Lin to promote Volvo?
        3. Ask students to list other athletes who are endorsing companies and products?
          1. Who are they? Are these successful?
          2. How does Lin compare with other celebrity endorsements?
          3. What is the importance of Lin for penetrating the Chinese market?
          4. What are the risks, and rewards of celebrity endorsements for companies?


Source:, 3/20/12; Los Angeles Times; New York Times.


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