Mobile gaming – anywhere and everywhere

When video games first started, they were played solely on console devices and television sets, limiting game players to their houses. But once games moved to mobile devices – first on specialized handheld devices – but more recently on smart phones and laptops, game players were free to roam beyond the walls of their homes. Mobile games represented freedom, and an easy way to kill time while waiting in stores, offices, waiting rooms, and other locations outside of homes.

Mobile games have gained even more ground as they are played inside of the home. In a recent survey of 15,000 U.S. users by MocoSpace, 96% of the gamers stated they played games on their mobile devices even while they were at home, and 53% of those gamers admitted to playing games while they were in bed! The next most popular locations in their homes were living rooms (41%), bathrooms (5%), and dining tables (1%).

More data from the survey shows the various locations outside of homes: waiting for appointments (44%), commuting (72%), and work (64%). And as to the amount of time they play games: more than one hour per day (52%), and more than three hours per day (32%) Mobile games – they’re not just for waiting lines anymore!

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. 1.     Poll students:
    1. Where do they play games? (Locations in houses, cars, stores, etc.)
    2. What devices do they use – smart phones, consoles, other devices?
    3. What games do they play?
    4. Are there different games for different locations?
    5. How many hours per day do students play games?
    6. 2.     What are the implications for console game companies given the proliferation of mobile games?
    7. 3.     Have students name several different console games.
      1. How could these games be revised for use on mobile devices?
      2. How could these new games be promoted?


Source: CNET, 3/22/12

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