How Millennial are you?


We all know that different age cohorts are different from each other. Put a Baby Boomer, a Generation X, Generation Y, and Millennial in a room together and they will all act differently and have different values. Or will they? Maybe age is just a state of mind. Even a Baby Boomer can be young at heart, and a Millennial can be conservative and stodgy.

Take Pew Research’s quiz to find out just how much of a Millennial you and your students are. This quiz compares your answers with others from around the nation. Find out how young or old you really act.  (P.S. – Tattoos count!)

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Have students access the survey on the Pew Web site:
  2. As the students get their scores, write them on a white board or sheet of paper. See who scores high and who scores low.
  3. Professors – give the quiz to your colleagues and assistants, too. Add your scores to the list.
  4. Group discussion:
    • What are the important elements that differentiate the generations?
    • What traits make Millennials unique from other age cohorts?
    • What happens if you change some of your answers?
    • How can these findings be used in marketing to this age cohort?
  5. Video report: Show the video report from Pew about the quiz and their research on Millenials:
  6. Additional information and interactive charts are available at:

(Source: Pew Internet Research Center)

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