Viral Videos for August 2016


It is always interesting to see which videos make it to the top of the viral chart. This week’s chart seems to have several themes about women, athletes, and achievement. With, of course, a little humor mixed in. In #4, a prank by beverage company Smith & Forge reminds viewers that appearances can be deceiving, portraying competitive athlete Kenneth Leverich as an old man who takes on the younger athletes at California’s Muscle Beach (Uncle Drew style). And, in #5 – Hart Serena – Nike adds a little levity to tough workouts.

There are three key factors for viral video success:

  1. Reaching the tastemakers.
  2. Building a community of participation.
  3. Creating unexpectedness in the video.

Regardless of the type of product or service, the country of origin, or the importance of the message, what matters is reaching the audience in a way the both entertains and informs. It might be YouTube, and more often now, it’s on Facebook and other social media. Check out this week’s top videos and discuss what makes them “go viral.”

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

Bring up Ad Age’s weekly Viral Video chart:

  1. How effective is each video at getting the company’s brand and message across to viewers?
  2. In teams, have students design a viral video for a product of their choosing. What are the elements that are needed to go viral?

Source:  Advertising Age, Visible Measures

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