A New Way to have Phone-Free Zones



Have you ever been at an event and noticed that the use of smart phones distracts from the moment? (Or at least other people’s phones distract from the moment!) This can be a significant problem for venues and artists who want to create a phone-free environment. It’s a good idea, but getting people to give up their phones is tough. There is a new solution though from a company named Yondr – the Yondr phone pouch.

It’s a simple concept. As people arrive at an event, they place their phones in Yondr cases. Inside of the phone-free zone, the cases automatically lock. People keep possession of their phones and the phones are not disruptive during performances. To unlock the case, simply step outside of the phone-free zone.

Many artists have embraced the cases. Comedian Dave Chappelle has made it mandatory for all his shows, and other artists such as Alicia Keys, the Lumineers, and Louis C.K. are also using the phone cases, as are some schools. But breaking people’s addiction to smart phones is still a tough sell.

Put away your phone and enjoy the moment!

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss the use of phones at events. Ask students what their experiences have been and how they feel about phone-free events.
  2. Show a video about the product: http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/yondr-pouches-help-you-turn-off-your-phone-and-tune-into-life/
  3. Show the company Web site: http://overyondr.com/

Source: Washington Post, CBS News


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