Smart Running Shoes


There is no doubt about it – wearable technology is the wave of the future. Combined with the Internet of Things (IoT), technology is impacting multiple devices in our daily lives from refrigerators, thermostats, cars, and now continues into athletic apparel such as running shoes.

A new prototype running shoe from Lenovo is one of the latest wearable tech entries. The smart lifestyle running shoes contains a rechargeable device the can track movement, count steps, record calories, distance, measure activity, and more. The customizable insole can be printed on a 3D printer to fit your unique footprint.

The smart shoe also has options that will allow it to play games (using foot movement as the controller) along with personalized news updates at the touch of a button. No word yet on exactly how the shoe will link to other devices such as smart phones.

And, when you’re done with your daily run, go ahead and put the shoe into its own wireless charging dock to get ready for another day’s activity.

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Poll students about their athletic gear and habits. How many students have some type of tracking device for runs and workouts? Which devices do they have, and how satisfied are students with the devices?
  2. Next, show the video of the new shoe:

  1. Discuss the importance of developing a clear, concise message for marketing programs.
  2. Use a pyramid model to build the key messages: Top of pyramid – most important message that the customer wants to hear. Middle of pyramid – how the product achieves its value for the customer. Bottom of pyramid – proof points used to validate claims.
  3. Divide students into teams. Have each team develop a key message pyramid for this product. (Make sure students select a target market first. Different target markets would have different message pyramids.)
  4. When debriefing the exercise, make sure to emphasize to students the difference between what a company wants to tell the market, and what a customer wants to hear about the product.

Source: Manufacturing Business Technology, The Verge

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