Smart Jackets for Cyclists


Wearable technology is taking off in a big way. It seems as if every day brings a new product to market. One of the latest combination of fashion and wearable tech is Levi’s new Commuter Trucker jacket. Using Google’s Jacquard technology, the jacket enables the wearer to access phone and mobile apps wirelessly. For example, cyclists could easily get an estimated ETA for a destination, silence a call, or adjust the volume on their headset.

The Project Jacquard technology allows users to use gestures such as tapping or swiping on a sleeve to activate different functions. Technology sensors are woven into the fabric. Connection points are located in button-holes of the jacket. Wearers can do more than just make calls though. The jacket is compatible with Spotify, Google Maps, and Strava.

And, if you spill coffee on the sleeve, don’t worry – it can all go into the washing machine.

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss the difficulties staying connected and in control of devices while cycling.
  2. Show the information about Google Project Jacquard:
  3. Show the video of the technology:

  1. Bring up on the screen the announcement from Levi’s:
  2. Divide students into teams. Determine the marketing mix, including target market, price, and distribution.



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