Pizza and a Movie To Go


Everyone loves dinner and a movie. And, everyone likes to have food delivered. But, once your food arrives, do you have a movie on hand, too? Well, you do if your food is delivered from Pizza Hut (and you are in Hong Kong). The company’s innovative packaging combines pizza and a movie by cleverly turning a pizza box into a film projector.

The Hong Kong campaign features a pizza box that has a special lens included in the pizza-saver disc that sits in the middle of the box. Punch out the hole on the box side, place the lens in the hole, then project short films through mobile phones via a special app.

The client’s brief for the promotion was simple – bring innovation to life in a way that captures consumers’ attention and gets them talking. The movie options include several genres such as action, romance, horror, and science fiction. And pizza lovers aren’t limited to a single app; the device can project additional content from phones as well.

Sounds like the greatest thing since slice pizza!

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss fast food eating habits, particularly pizza.
  2. Show the video:
  3. Divide students into teams and have each team select a product or service.
  4. Give them the same client brief – bring innovation to life in a manner that captures attention and gets people talking.
  5. Debrief the exercise after teams have created an innovative campaign that uses existing packaging. (Check out McDonald’s tray bag article on this site for additional ideas.)

Source: Ad Age Daily, Time, other news sources

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