Strike a Power Pose


In marketing, we know that perception is reality, and that appearance does matter. Marketers pay a great deal of attention to this in regards to product packaging and advertising. But, how many of us pay attention to our personal marketing? Our body language conveys an impression of us – our strengths, weaknesses, confidence, and power. Body language not only affects how others see us, but perhaps more importantly, it affects how we present ourselves to others.

Social psychologist, Amy Cuddy, has researched how “power posing” such as standing confidently (even when we don’t feel confident) can affect our brains, and can impact our chances for success in the workplace. In one of the most popular TED talks (more than 20 million views), Cuddy explains the science behind positive body language and how it impacts how we are perceived, and more importantly, how we perceive ourselves. Our bodies can change our minds.

In Cuddy’s words, “fake it ’til you become it.”

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss the importance of personal marketing as students begin to look for jobs.
  2. What are some of their concerns in the job search and interview process?
  3. Show the TED talk: (Note: this is a 20 minute video, but well worth the time investment.)
  4. Pair students. Have one person in each pair take a “power pose.” What happens?
  5. Now, one person take a “lower power pose.” What happens?
  6. How can these poses be used in work and interviews?

Source: New York Times,

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