Big Advertising Spenders!



Despite articles about the poor economy and lowered spending rates, the U.S. top 200 brands spent $50.2 billion on advertising in 2012!

At the top of the list is AT&T which accounted for more than one percent of the 2012 U.S. spending, including TV, radio, outdoor, print, and Internet. And, if the company’s $1.59 billion spending is too big a number to easily grasp – try looking at it this way: the company spent $5.05 for every individual in the U.S.!

AT&T was the top spender in the telecommunications industry. Other industry leaders include auto manufacturer Chevrolet, retailer Macy’s, and insurance company Geico.

The top 10 U.S. spenders include:

  1. AT&T – $1.59 billion
  2. Verizon – $1.43 billion
  3. Chevrolet – $958 million
  4. McDonald’s – $957 million
  5. Geico – $921 million
  6. Toyota – $879 million
  7. Ford – $857 million
  8. T-Mobile – $773 million
  9. Macy’s – $762 million
  10. Walmart – $690 million

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Poll students: Which companies do they think spend the most on advertising? How much do they spend?
  2. Discuss the different components that make up an integrated campaign: TV, radio, print, Internet, outdoor, etc.
  3. How can companies make efficient use of media spending budgets?
  4. How can smaller companies with limited financial resources compete with these large corporations?

Source:  Ad Age Daily, 7/8/13

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