Order Pizza from Xbox


The only mystery about this new application is why in the world did it take so long? Gamers have been waiting for an app like this one for a long time!

The new app from Pizza Hut is for Xbox gamers who do not want to break from their video game to pick up a phone for necessary sustenance. This app lets gamers order a pizza via their Xbox 360 through using options such as voice input, the game controller, or Kinect movements. Why this app? Gamers around the world love pizza, making this a natural application for pizza companies.

While pizza-ordering apps are not a new concept, the Pizza Hut app takes the idea to a new level by having celebrity endorsements from pro gamers. To launch the app, Pizza Hut gave 15% discounts to first-time purchasers during the first two weeks after product launch. Other companies won’t be far behind with new applications targeted at the lucrative gamer market. What else could a gamer want?

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss the characteristics of a target market of video game players. What are the demographic and psychographic aspects?
  2. Show the YouTube video about the product: http://youtu.be/6xOuK4rketM
  3. Are there other products that could be sold in a similar way?
  4. Divide students into teams.
  5. Have each team list 20 other products that could be sold using an app on Xbox.
  6. Have each team do a competitive analysis of the pizza industry. Examine  the leading companies, revenue, products, scope, employees, pricing, promotion, etc.
  7. How effective are discounts? What else could Pizza Hut to promote this new application?

Source:  Brandchannel.com, 4/24/13

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