Tie Rental Eases Knotty Problems

Rental companies have always been popular with consumers. After all, renting is usually cheaper than buying, and options can be tried without risk and a large financial commitment. We rent cars, movies, books, music, tools, trucks, and more. But what about more personal items – such as men’s clothes? Not so much – at least until now.

A new company named Tie Society is taking clothing rental into a new direction; it offers a subscription service for renting men’s ties. For a monthly fee, men can join the club, select ties, rent, wear, return, and repeat – changing their look as easily as they change a movie. It offers instant access to top designers’ men’s furnishing, but without the hefty price tag.

The monthly subscription prices range from $10.95/month for one tie, up to $49.95/month for a selection of 10 different ties. With a broad collection of styles, patterns, materials, and color, there is sure to be a tie or two that appeals to any discriminating shopper. And it’s an automatic system – when one tie is returned, the next one on the list is sent automatically. With a hand-picked collection guided by fashion stylists, the client is sure to find something unique to wear.

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Start by having students list all the rental businesses that they can think of (movies, books, etc.)
  2. Next, have students list all the items that they would like to see available as a rental. (Did anyone choose ties?)
  3. Have students view the Tie Society Web site: www.tiesociety.com.
  4. What are the pros and cons for this company?
  5. What are the challenges for this company?
  6. Have students design a promotional plan for the company.
  7. Have students design a new rental business for a product of their choice.

Source:  Minneapolis Star Tribune, 7/31/12

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  1. We at Tie Society would love to see the results of these discussions! If you don’t mind, drop us a line at jake (at) tiesociety.com. Perhaps we can provide some insight into our business as well.

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