Mission Possible: Running across France

Launching a new product is tough. Now imagine what is required to re-launch a product. How do marketers get the attention of the target market for an existing product when there is so much clutter in the advertising arena for athletic shoes?


In this creative campaign from Adidas to re-launch Climacool shoes, every time a young person in France tried on a pair of the shoes, they had a chance for an adventure of a lifetime running in the Climacool shoes! The runner would be kidnapped (by realistic looking scary men!) and then assigned a secret mission by world judo champ Teddy Riner. With only one-hour to solve the mission, the runner took-off across the city to solve clues and find the goal.

The runners were directed by Riner via an earpiece, and had to complete tasks which included dressing as a mascot, finding envelopes, distracting security guards, and delivering pizza via a parachute jump! At the final destination, the runner was greeted by French celebrities.

The results: a campaign widely covered by influential French blogs and a 500% increase in the shoes tried on by prospective buyers.

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Show the video to students: http://creativity-online.com/work/adidas-climacool-ready-to-run/28081
  2. Divide students into teams: Have each team break down the 4 Ps for this product.
  3. What is the target market for this product?
  4. Would this promotional campaign work in other countries? Discuss why or why not.
  5. Are there other examples of similar promotions with athletic apparel?
  6. Teams: Have students choose a product, then develop a storyboard using this approach.
  7. Have teams present their storyboards and discuss.

Source:  Ad Age Daily, Creativityonline.com, 6/14/12

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