Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl has become an advertising event in addition to a worldwide athletic event. Companies now leak the Super Bowl ads weeks before the main event in order to gain buzz and word-of-mouth exposure. With 30-second commercials costing $3 million, the Super Bowl represents a significant advertising expense for companies. And, thanks to the Internet and YouTube, the Super Bowl commercials have a longer life than the original airing.
An important consider for all the ads is the manner in which they integrate (or not) with the company’s other advertisements, include print, TV, and Web site. Many companies go for broke with Super Bowl ads and neglect the strategic planning necessary to fit these ads with their on-going promotional campaigns. Look for messages that either connect, or not, with the company’s main message and core values.

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:
1. Play each advertisement (all can be found on and at (see link below)
2. Divide the students into team and have each team analyze an ad with respect to the following elements:
a. Target market
b. Key message
c. Value to customer
d. Graphics and words
e. Integration with company’s other ads and Web site
3. For an additional activity, compare this year’s ads with previous year’s Super Bowl ads.

Source: Advertising Age, 2/16/12

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