The Cheetos Duster

And now for something completely different…. Not all new products need to involve high technology. Sometimes, it’s the simple things in life that make us happy. Like Cheetos.

Has your food been tasting bland? Have you tried all types of spices and flavors but still crave something new and tangy? Well then, the Cheetos Duster might be just what the doctor ordered!

It’s simple. Just grind up some Cheetos in the Cheetos Duster and voila! Orange dust that can be used in all your foods. The Cheetos Duster grinder can be purchased on Amazon – well, it was available but it quickly sold out (no word on restock date). The device is bright orange and is priced at $19.95. (But if you can’t find the Duster, go ahead and use a food processor or knead a bag of Cheetos to smash them up for the dust.)

Put the orange dust on any food to liven up the taste. The dust is called “Cheetle” and can be used in a variety of ways. Check out the Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Farmers Market Gratin for a sample of using the dust in a dish. Or use it on Mac n Cheese. Or in cookies or ice cream. Thirsty? Try the Mountain Dew Mule with Cheetos dust. Special occasion? Put it into cakes or cupcakes.

Cheetos is often releasing new promotions. A few years ago there were pop-up Cheetos restaurants with recipes from L.A. chef Roy Choi.

How will you serve Cheetos dust?

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:  

  1. Discuss how new products are developed and the product life cycle.
  2. Where is Cheetos in the PLC? How can Cheetos reinvent itself?
  3. Show Cheetos website:
  4. View video:
  5. Show Cheetos Duster and video on Amazon:
  6. Recipes:
  7. Discuss how Cheetos is using the product to promote its snacks.
  8. Have students put together a marketing plan for the Duster.

Source:  Chin R. (21 December 2022). The etiquette of edibles. Minneapolis Star Tribune.

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