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Orabrush was the brainchild and invention of Dr. Bob Wagstaff. Similar to a toothbrush in size and shape, Orabrush is a tongue brush with bristles that thoroughly clean the crevices of the tongue – the area that gives us our “bad breath” smell! This company is a unique case study of how to grow a company using the powers of innovation, marketing, and the Internet. Using a small, dedicated group of marketers, the company grew from sales of several hundred orders to millions of units sold at mass retails including Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and more.

Start here at the story of Orabrush and learn about this innovative company’s products and marketing tactics:

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Have students view the Orabrush website:
  2. Ask students if they have heard of this company, or other companies in this market?
  3. Show a series of YouTube videos about the company and its products.
    4. Many more videos are available on the company Web site and on their YouTube channel. (note the high number of views!)
    5. Show the case study of how Orabrush got picked up by Walmart.
      2. Have students discuss what worked for Orabrush with its marketing campaign.
      3. What elements could be duplicated for other products?
      4. Have students use the elements in the Orabrush marketing to build a marketing campaign for another product of their choosing.
      5. Discuss the marketing mix for this product: pricing, promotion, distribution, and packaging.


Source: Orabrush company:


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