Connect with your car – Tell its story

Subaru not only wants to connect you with a new car, it also wants to find out how you feel about your car experiences. The company has released an online campaign that invites customers to tell the story of their first car, using interactive menus and animation. Once you are done telling your story, you are then free to share it online with others, using social media and email. (This campaign was created by Minneapolis firm Carmichael Lynch.)

Group Activities and Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss use of interactive online media with consumers.
    1. When does it work? What makes it flop?
    2. Have students go to the Web site and build their own videos. When they are done, ask for volunteers to post their video online. Then over the next week, track the progress and views of the video.
    3. Discuss how effective this campaign will be for Subaru.
      1. What are recommendations to improve the campaign?
      2. What should the objectives be for the campaign?
      3. Have students also view the Web sites of advertising agencies to see other examples of client work. (Find listing of agencies in local geography or check Advertising Age for listings.)

Source:  Ad Age Daily, 2/24/12

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